Treat handouts for St Patrick's Day

I love making little treats and/or handouts for holidays!  
St Patrick's Day is coming up so I made a little treat for some of the poeple in my life.  

This package is for the YW in my ward.  

I bought rainbow tootsie rolls and gold shred.  

I put a bit of the gold shred into a small baggie(amazon affiliate link)

then added the tootsie rolls in rainbowtized order.  

I made a St Patrick's day printable for a treat bag topper.  

Feel free to download and print for 

I printed my cards in 'wallet size'.  
Then I cut them out and stapled them to the treat bag.  

I did these ones for my Young Women at church, but I'm also going to do some for my kids.  
Any reason to give someone a nice treat, is a great idea in my book!!