How to make a DIY Planner from a Notebook

I've been looking for ways to get more organized and finally decided on a planner.
 I had pretty specific requirements for sections and pages so I decided to DIY it.
Read on for How to Make a DIY Planner from a Notebook.

How to make a  DIY planner from a Notebook  |  She's Crafty

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It's time to get organized.  And the best way to do that is with a planner.  But hold on, you don't have to run to the store and buy an expensive planner, you can make one from a notebook. 

How to make a  DIY planner from a Notebook  |  She's Crafty

Supplies needed to make a DIY Planner

How to make a  DIY planner from a Notebook  |  She's Crafty

Directions for making a DIY Planner

I started with a spiral bound notebook that measures around 6.5" x 8.5".  It didn't have a closure, so I added some elastic, held on with grommets.

add a closure to a DIY notebook

When planning my planner (ha), I wrote down the different sections I wanted.  Those sections were
  • year at a glance
  • monthly calendar
  • week at a glance
  • blog calendar
  • meal plan calendar
  • section for Church work
  • section for various notes

add tabs to notebook for  DIY planner

For the monthly pages, I printed each month on a separate page.  I glued the printed sheets directly to the notebook pages, leaving one blank between each month.  

For the monthly tabs, I used my tab punch and punched 12 tabs in various colored papers. I folded them over and glued them right to the notebook page.  Then I wrote the month onto each of them.

sections in notebook for DIY planner

I separated each section in my planner with big binder clips that I covered in washi tape.  This is the "week at a glance" section.

sections in notebook for DIY planner

I made an envelope by folding a piece of patterned paper up to form a pocket and glued the edges down.  Then I covered the edges with cute washi tape.  Now I have a spot for notes.

meal calendar for DIY planner

This section is my favorite- it's my meal planning section.  I love having the entire 2 weeks on one page so I can see at a glance what we are having and what ingredients I made need to purchase.   I have been working hard to be better at meal planning this year and this section is making it so much easier!

washi tape holder

Even though I have washi tape storage in my craft room, I made a small, portable holder just for my planner.  (I use any excuse to make something)  I used a dowel, cut in half, and a small wood coaster-type piece of wood.  I drilled a hole in the wood, the same size as the dowel.  Then I put some wood glue in the hole and tapped the dowel in with a hammer.  

DIY Planner - how to make a planner from a notebook

Do you use a planner? What do you like best about your planner?