How to have the BEST Easter Egg Hunt ever!

Our family loves Easter !   Over the years, we have developed a few ideas to make our holiday go much more smooth!  Don't miss these Easter Egg Hunt Tips and Tricks

How to have the BEST Easter Egg Hunt - tips and tricks to make your Easter Egg Hunt the best ever

We don't have any family in the area we live, so we've been on our own for all holiday celebrations, including egg hunting.  We used to try to go to the community egg hunt with everyone else in our town.  But our kids would be so overwhelmed by the staggering amount of children that they would barely find a single egg.

This forced us to make our own Easter Egg Hunting Traditions!  To keep fighting, pushing and arguing to a minimum with our 3 highly competitive kids, we have developed a system!

Ideas to have the best Easter Egg Hunt ever

Easter Egg Hunt System

  1. Each child in the egg hunt is assigned a certain color of egg
  2. Each set of eggs is filled with the exact same things

Seriously...these 2 things changed everything in our egg hunting world.  We hide eggs for the older kids in more difficult spots, which totally works.  While the younger kids are finding their color of eggs out in the open, the older kids are busy searching everywhere for their own!  Everyone wins!!

Sometimes the Spring weather is a bit unpredictable, so if it's rainy we just hide the eggs inside our house.  

Easter Egg Hunt ideas - 2 tips that will make your easter egg hunt amazing

Our eggs are filled with lots of candy because it is Easter after all!  What would an egg hunt be like without having eggs full of chocolate and jelly beans?  But I also slip in a few non candy items into the eggs for a variety.

Easter Egg fillers, other than candy

Easter Egg Hunt ideas - free printable Easter Coupons

With a little bit of planning and strategy, an Easter Egg Hunt is the perfect tradition that your family will look forward to for years to come!