Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt ideas

Our family loves Easter !  
Over the years, we have developed a few ideas to make 
our holiday go much more smooth!

We don't have any family in the area we live, so we've been 
on our own for egg hunting.
We used to try to go to the community egg hunt with everyone else in our town.  
But our kids would be so overwhelmed by the staggering amount of children
 that they would barely find a single egg. 

After many tears and quite a few fits, we decided do an Easter Egg Hunt at our house.  

To keep fighting, pushing and arguing to a minimum with our 3 highly competitive kids, 
we have a certain way we do this Easter Egg Hunt.

1.  We assign each child a certain color of egg.  

2.  We fill each set of eggs with the exact same thing.  

Seriously...these 2 things changed everything in our hunting world.  

Sometimes the Spring weather is a bit unpredictable, so if it's rainy and yucky outside, 
we just hide the eggs in our house.  

(Please ignore the quality of the indoor photos from a few years ago.  
But look at these babies.  They are so little.  And I miss my son's longish hair.)

I fill our eggs with lots of candy.  It is Easter after all!
But I also slip in a few different things into the eggs for a variety.  
I usually do small toys, money and gift certificates or coupons.

I made some coupons for our egg hunt this year.  
These are the things my kids will be most excited about!  
If you would like to use these for your kids, you can get them here.


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  2. I love the idea to give each kid their own egg color! Brilliant. I always do our own egg hunt too because the city ones are crazy, but sometime we do include family or friends. I till be trying your trick this year! Found you through Link Party Palooza.


    1. Thank you Kati! I hope your egg hunting is super happy!! :)


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