Boys room: Nerf Storage

Today I'm sharing an idea for Nerf Gun storage for our boys room.

My son is a toy gun fanatic.  
I'm sure there are lots of opinions about whether children should have toy guns.  
But he does.  He loves playing like he's a spy or army guy (like his dad). 
  We store the small nerf guns and bullets in a bucket on his bookshelf.  
But we didn't have a good system to store the large ones... until now!

I purchased a few of these bygel rails from Ikea.  

I attached 2 rails to a 4 foot pine board that I painted black.  
To hang the guns from the rails, I used bygel s hooks, also from Ikea, and 
S hooks I purchased from Home Depot.    

Most of the guns have pretty hand places to hang from the S hook.

This system works so well.  
My son can see what guns he has (so hopefully we don't buy double again) 
and he even hangs them up when he's done playing with them.  Bonus!