Valentine pens DIY

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so how about some heart and love projects! 

I'm going to start with these Valentine's pens!

These are inspired by a pen I saw at Target.

I bought a package of pens from the dollar store
and grabbed a few pieces of felt from my stash.

I used clippers to snip the end of the ballpoint pen cap off.

Then I hand cut 2 identical hearts out of felt.

I glued the top of the heart pieces together with hot glue,

Then placed the pen cap into the heart and glued the heart felt
 all the way around it, leaving the bottom open for the pen.

For one of the pens, I blanket stitched around the edge of the 

felt heart with white thread.

For the other, I used puff paint to decorate the heart with white dots.

I liked how the heart pens turned out so I decided to make an arrow.

I hand cut a triangle shape for the top and the bottom piece.
I glued the triangle onto the cap the same as I did the heart.
I wrapped the pen with black and white, chevron washi tape.
It took 2 strips lengthwise to make it all of the way around the pen.
Then, I glued the bottom pieces just down the center where they connected with the pen, 
and cut slits into the sides to make fringe.

I think these would make a darling gift for a friend,

or a cute little something for yourself, for Valentine's Day!