Deep thoughts by me on my birthday

Today I'm sharing some personal stuffs from my heart.

Hi it's me Candice.

I meant to share this post last Friday when it was my actual birthday, 
but one of my gifts was to get bronchitis and a super virus
that had me in bed for 6 days.  
I'm just starting to feel better and dig myself out of the giant mess 
that being sick and out of commission for so long has caused.

Anyway- on to the post.    

Last Friday was my 40th birthday. 
It's so cliche to say, but the years have gone by so fast.
I'm not sad I'm 40.  But I don't feel 40 either.
I'm in a way better place than I was when I turned 30.
I don't mourn my youth, although I wish I hadn't wasted so much time worrying about unnecessary things.

Since it's my birthday, and it's my blog, I'm going to share some random things about myself and what I've learned being here on the earth for 40 years.

I firmly believe happiness is a choice.

Just when you think life is hard, something else happens to make you wish you could go back to when it was "just hard." (hello illness, thanks for the reminder)

Hair will grow back.  If you feel like doing it- cut it off.

Keep your toenails painted.  That way even if you have bad hair and no make up days, your toes will still look nice and make you feel pretty.

Raising kids is hard.  
Like gut wrenching, drop to your knees in prayer, bawl your eyes out hard.
But it's also so good.  SO SO SO very good.

Don't take things so personal.  

Try to live with no regrets. Just do the best you can.  And when you know better, do better.

Put some effort into your appearance.  On days I do my hair and make up, I feel way better about myself.

Always choose the high road.  

Give others grace and the benefit of the doubt. 

You'll never regret time spent with family.  You may however regret time spent doing things like social media, shopping, or even working etc.

Don't compare yourself (your home, your clothes, your children, etc) to what you see on the internet.

Invest time in your friends.

Wash your face every night.

Go on dates with your spouse.

You can make a difference in the world around you.

Always leave people better than how you found them.

Life is short.  Eat chocolate chip cookie dough, wear your fancy clothes, go on vacation, etc.  Don't want for a better day to do the things you want to do.

I guess that's it for now. 

Do you have any wisdom you'd like to share with me?
I'd love to hear it.  Leave it in the comments below.