Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Easter basket ideas for young boy, teen girl and teen boys

Fill your children's Easter basket with fun and functional gifts
with these
Easter Basket Gift Ideas for
Teen and Tween Boys and Teen Girls!

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for tween and teen boys and girls

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I just love filling Easter baskets for my kids!

I like to give a mix of 
fun and playful gifts- like toys 
with functional gifts - like books, swim towels and bathing suits

Of course I always fill their baskets with candy
because is it Easter morning if you
don't each chocolate bunnies and jelly beans
for breakfast?

Easter Basket Gift Ideas

BOYS Easter basket gifts

My 8 year old boy would love all of these things:

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for tween and pre teen boys

TEEN GIRLS Easter basket gifts

My teen daughter would be really happy with any of
these gifts:

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

TEEN BOY Easter basket gifts

Teen boys can be hard to shop for!  
They act as if they don't want anything- even though
we all know that isn't true! 
Here are some ideas for teen boys:

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

nike socks, gift card to iTunes or gaming systempocket knife

What do you like to get your kids for Easter?
I would love to hear any ideas that you have!

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