How to Clean Moldy Siding

So it's Spring. Yay!
We're all getting outside, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Getting outside means spiffing up our house.
Today I'm sharing how we
Cleaned our Moldy Siding

How to Clean Moldy Siding

Our house is 2 stories high with tan siding.  
It sits in such a way that one side of the house
is in the shade for most of the day.  
Unfortunately that means mold, here in the South.

We're from the West, where it's dry, so we had no idea
that we needed to keep up with maintenance on our siding.  
And that's my excuse for why our house's tan siding
was covered with greenish mold.  YUCK!

How to Clean Moldy Siding

In an effort to clean it, I did some research.
Most things I read suggested against pressure washing
since the high velocity
stream could damage or even remove siding.

One thing we decided to try was Magic Erasers (amazon affiliate link).
By golly, they really are magic!

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Magic Eraser to clean moldy siding

Check out the before and after in this photo.
I simply sprayed all of the vinyl siding and gutters 
with a water hose,
then scrubbed everything with a magic eraser
 and rinsed again.  It worked perfectly!!

Use a magic eraser to clean moldy siding

The only problem was that we couldn't reach high enough with the
magic erasers to get all of the mold off the side of the house.

Use a sprayer and bleach to clean moldy siding

So off I went to Lowes where I picked up a 
garden and deck sprayer and outdoor bleach.
We diluted it according to package instructions 
and filled up the sprayer.

Then my husband took his life into his hands, 
(it's so much higher than it looks in the photos)
climbed up on a giganto ladder 
and sprayed the bleach onto the moldy siding
using the jet nozzle on the sprayer.  

Use a sprayer to spray bleach to clean moldy siding

After spraying the bleach solution onto the siding a
he rinsed it off with a garden hose.
He didn't have to scrub at all.  
Spraying on the bleach on the siding loosened the mold 
and was able to be rinsed off with a hose.

It took many trips up and down the ladder and quite a few refills 
of the bleach solution in the sprayer, but it worked!

How to clean moldy siding

Just look at that beautifully clean siding!!!!!  yay!!

How to clean moldy siding

I didn't even take a good before pic.  
The siding was green all the way from top to bottom.
You can still see the difference in the before and after photos.

How to clean moldy siding

Hopefully if you have moldy siding, 
you can use some of our tips to help you clean yours!!

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