Harry Potter fund savings jar

My love of Harry Potter is still going strong.  

I want soooo bad to go back to The World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios 
like we did a few years ago.  
So I made a little jar to start saving my money to do so.

I found this jar at Hobby Lobby.
I like it's flat sides - perfect to write on.

I've seen a few things on instagram that showed heat embossing on glass.
I used to do heat embossing back when I was a scrapbooker,
 so I pulled all of my old stuff out,
and picked up a few new things.

I used red glitter, green, gold (not shown), black and blue embossing powder,
embossing pens, a heat gun (not shown), and an anti static bag.
(those are all amazon associate links)
The link for the anti static bag is to Michaels, where I purchased it.

I drew the words onto a piece of paper, cut it into the shape of the jar 
and taped it to the inside of the jar.

Then I rubbed the static eraser onto the surface of the jar.
It works to remove some of the static so the embossing powder will only 
stick in the places intended.

I traced the letters onto the jar with the black embossing pen.
I still struggled keeping it straight, so I used a piece of tape as my guide.

Then I poured the embossing powder over the top of the word.

I tapped off the excess, but there was still a bunch in places I didn't want it.
I used a medium and small paint brush to remove the excess powder.

Then I used my heat gun to melt the powder and make it stick.
I wish I had a video of this.  It's so cool watching the powder melt.
The glass gets super hot (obviously) so be careful not to burn yourself.

Near the bottom of the jar I embossed the name of each of the 
houses in their corresponding colors.

I just love seeing the house names on there.

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.
Did you say those in your head in Dumbledoor's voice like I did?

I hope to save up enough money to make a trip to the Harry Potter world soon!

Thanks to Marisa at Raegun Ramblings for inviting me to share a 
Harry Potter project.  Check out her blog for more great Harry Potter ideas!