How we cut cable and still watch tv

Today I'm sharing 
How We Cut Cable
and still watch TV

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Late last year, my family was looking for ways to 
cut back on our monthly expenses.  

After going through everything, we decided that 
getting rid of cable was going to work the best.

Luckily we were able to find some ways to 
help us be able to watch tv without cable.

cut cable, watch tv

We all love watching some mindless tv shows
and were not willing to give that up!

netflix, how to watch tv without cable

We already had Netflix and were pretty happy with it.

Netflix has entire seasons of tv  and some movies.

The only problem is that it didn't have the latest episodes 
of certain shows we liked.
Like Grey's Anatomy. (Mer and Der sniff forever!)

hulu, watch tv without cable

So we added Hulu, 
which gave us the ability to watch TV show 
episodes that aired the previous day.


Between Netflix and Hulu, we were pretty happy.  Mostly 
everything we wanted to see was on one of the two.   
 And the best part of all is that we saved almost $80 per month.

But when the Olympics were getting ready to come on, 
we needed live TV.

After doing a little research, I realized that basic tv channels 
are still broadcast 
(like when I was a kid) 
and can be picked up for free, with an antennae.

I went to Antenna Web to see what kind of channels 
were broadcast in my area.
That way we could get an antennae that would 
pick up the stations we wanted.

We tried 1 antennae but were still missing a few of the channels.  
So we found another one and are very happy with it.

antennae, watch live tv, no cable, mohu leaf indoor tv antennae

We have the Mohu Leaf indoor TV antennae. 
 (amazon afiiliate link)
It is about as thick as a piece of cardstock.  
It hangs on our wall with command velcro, above the tv.  


Now between Netflix, Hulu and our antennae, 
we can pretty much watch 
everything we want to on TV
 and we save lots of money every month!