It works for me!

Do you read tips and recipes on blogs or  Instagram want to try it,
 but aren't sure if it will work?

Today I'm sharing some things that I've tried that worked really well!

I saw a DIY shark hoodie idea from HGTV on IG.
I loved the idea so I made it.  
My shark hoodie went so well with the 
under the sea themed trunk I did for our church's trunk or treat.

I found this idea for an FBI agent.  (amazon affiliate link)
My son LOVES all things law enforcement 
so I knew it would be perfect for him.
I sewed him an FBI vest out of some scrap fabric with velcro straps.
Then I cut FBI letters from freezer paper and used it was a stencil, like here.

My oldest loved a french fry costume he saw at Target.
I didn't really want to pay the price there and decided to DIY.
I bought a piece of foam core from the dollar store and made the fry costume myself.
I drew the fries and box with a pencil, then cut it out with a hobby knife.
Then I painted it using acrylic craft paint.
I hot glued ribbon to the back of it so it can be tied around the neck.

I've been wanting to replace my porcelain bowls because 
they have scratches on them and look so shabby.
So when I came across this tip, I tried it thinking it couldn't hurt.
The bowls are like new now!

This next pic is kind of embarrassing, but this is my FAVE tip I've found 
in a long time and want to pass it on!

Do your jeans have that annoying gap in the back 
so you have to hike your pants up all day or have to wear a belt?  

ALL OF MY JEANS are like that!  I look ridiculous hiking them up all day long!
Well, no longer because I found this tip, to fix the gap in your jeans.

The picture above is the after.  When the jeans aren't on, the elastic gathers a bit.
But when being worn, you can't even tell.  
Especially because I always cover my waste band with my shirt.  
I will be fixing all of my pants like this now!

Since Halloween is just a couple days away and Thanksgiving
is coming right up, we'll all be hosting and
attending many parties- which requires table decor.
This is a very simple centerpiece.

I found mini pumpkins with long stems.
Then I cut some scraps of orange paper into banner shapes and
stamped some darling Halloween images onto it.
I wrapped the banner around the stem and DONE!

This recipe for 4 cheese pasta bake is killer!  
My entire family loves it!

And lastly,  I jumped on the memory planner bandwagon.  
This is the one I have.  (amazon affiliate link)

So far I love it.  And so far, it's keeping me pretty organized.
I still have my DIY one as well, but I'm liking the create 365.

These are all the things I've found lately that work for me!
What have you found that has made your life easier?

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