Outdoor Christmas decor

Happy December everyone!
I've been working away getting my Christmas decor up.  
First thing I'm excited to show you is our 
Outdoor Christmas decor!

farmhouse christmas decor

farmhouse Christmas decor

A dear friend of mine gave me some fresh greens to decorate with.
She makes the BEST wreaths and is tutoring me in her creative ways.

This is my attempt at using the greens for the bucket on my front door.
I love the do something different than the tradition wreath.
So I found this hanging bucket.
I stuffed it full of magnolia, 2 different evergreens, 
holly and some clippings from a bush in my own backyard.  
I tied a bow on the side with various black/white and red/white ribbons.  

Around the door I used an faux evergreen garland and snowflake lights.

I just can't get enough of that greenery!!

Next to the door, I have a mini tree vignette.

I have a vintage sled, a tall old, farm bucket and a small 
(new but made to look old) bucket
on top of an old crate.

To the side I have my beloved plaid cooler 
with another tree perched inside.

We have a green bulb in our light fixture to support veterans.
I also wanted to show you the extension cord.  
This is how I light the garland.  
I'm not fancy and edit out the cords.  I keep it real!!  ha!
At least the cord is similar in color to the brick and not bright white or green!

Down from the vignette is my wreath!

I added fresh greenery to a basic faux evergreen wreath.

I just tucked various stems into the wreath,
wrapping the wired faux evergreen stems 
around the fresh ones to secure them.

Here's the pulled back shot to see how the wreath looks on my window.  
With the smaller size of the wreath, you are still able to see 
our Christmas tree inside the window.

The Christmas decor in our home is just getting started!
I can't wait to share more with you next week!