Simple {inexpensive} gift ideas for teens, moms and/or girlfriends

It seems like I always need a gift.
Whether it's for one of my friends for their birthdays,
or for someone who's going through a tough time and
needs a little pick me up.
Or even for one of my kids' friends,
one can never have to many gifts on hand.

Today I'm sharing 2 simple and inexpensive gift ideas for
teens, moms or girlfriends.

dollar store gift ideas

gift ideas from the dollar store, inexpensive gift ideas

I found all of these items at the dollar store.
I started with the cute, paisley water bottle.
Then I grabbed other items that matched, 
like socks, chapstick and of course some chocolate.

gift ideas for women, gift ideas for teens, dollar store gift ideas

All of the items tucked neatly inside the water bottle.
My kids gave this to one of their friends for her birthday.
We also tucked a little bit of $$ inside the bottle as well.
Cash ALWAY$ makes a great gift!

For another gift idea,
I found some pink items.
I love the idea of choosing a color- maybe the favorite color of the recipient.  
Then walking around to see
what you can find, 
and gifting it in a bucket or basket.
For this one I chose fuzzy socks, a notepad, a pen, 
bubble gum and some cute bubbles.

gift ideas from the dollar store, inexpensive gift ideas, gift bucket, color themed gift

I tucked all of these items into a metal bucket.
You could wrap it in cellophane and a bow or just give it as is!

Both of these ideas would brighten anyone's day!
I would love to receive something like this for
my birthday or if I were having a bad day!