SNAP! Conference recap- tips for thriving at an influencer conference

I was able to go to 
Snap! Conference,
held in Salt Lake City, Utah last week.

salt lake city, blogger conference, influencer conference, Snap!

I can't wait to share it all with you.

Get comfy because I have tons to say and
a LOT of pictures to share.

I'm going to break it down into sections.

First of all:  

airplane, southwest airlines, early morning flight

Since I live in Tennessee 
and Snap! is in Utah, I had to take a plane to get there.

sunrise, airplane wing, southwest airlines

My flight left Nashville at 5:55am. ug. 
I'm not going to lie, it was pretty rough getting up at 3:00am.
But once I got on the plane and got in the air, I was treated to the sunrise,
above the clouds.  

BTW- I get majorly motion sick when flying.  
Like major- use the white bag in the seatback pocket sick.
I wore these bands, and did not get sick at all.
(amazon affiliate link)

transportation for snap conference, transportation from the SLC airport

I did not rent a car.
I took an Uber from the airport. 
It was my first time using Uber and I LOVED it!
I downloaded the app to my smart phone.
When I picked up my luggage from baggage claim,
I requested the Uber.
I think I waited about 5 minutes.
The driver picked me up right outside the baggage claim door, 
and dropped me at the door to Little America.
He even helped me with my luggage!
It was perfect!
I absolutely would recommend Uber!
(If you've never tried Uber before, you can try it for free using
my code candices3133ue)

public transit, salt lake city, trax, free trax ride downtown salt lake city

Trax runs free in downtown Salt Lake City.
There is a station right outside of Little America.
It made it super easy to jump on.


little america, salt lake city, utah hotel, hotel

The conference was held at The Little America Hotel 
in Salt Lake City.
Little America is a very nice hotel.
It's a tiche vintage, but I thought it was very charming and comfortable!!

vintage pink tiles bathroom garden tub

I especially liked the gigantic bathtub and vintage pink tiles
in the enormous bathroom.

Exploring the City

Salt Lake City is such a thriving, fun town!  
I loved just walking down main street.
I wish I had more time to explore.

I flew into Utah a day early so I was able to check out the city a bit. 
Everything was in bloom.
It was gorgeous!

city creek mall, salt lake city, things to do in salt lake city, shopping in salt lake city

Since the weather was so fantastic, 
I walked a few blocks down Main Street to City Creek Mall.

Things to do in Salt Lake City, Shopping in Salt Lake City, City Creek Mall

It is such a beautiful mall full of many great stores.

It's an indoor mall, but you feel like you're outdoors.
It has many fancy stores like Rolex and Tiffany,
but it also has the kind of stores that I like, such as
 Anthropologie, H and M, Journey's, Sephora, and many more.

flowers at salt lake city temple, lds temple, Temple Square

Right next to City Creek is Temple Square.

I felt such peace being on the temple grounds.
It could not have been more beautiful weather!

The Conference

believe, unicorn decorations, blogger conference, influencer conference

The next day, SNAP! started!

life size unicorn pinata, snap decorations, party decorations

The ballrooms were all decked out!


blogger conference, influencer, opening speaker, SNAP!

 Tauni opened the conference.
Her talk was so good and got us so fired up for the upcoming conference.

conference speaker, matthew mead

We also got to hear from Matthew Mead.
Seriously, I could not believe that he was there.

matthew mead, designer, conference speaker,

I even got to meet him.
What a dream come true!

Snap Conference Speaker

Courtney Brown, CEO of Cents of Style gave a really good talk
on finding your magic.
She spoke about how her failures have shaped who she is.
So so so good!

Snap Conference, key note speaker, Heidi Swapp

Heidi Swapp was the keynote, closing speaker.
She talked about how important it is to
tell our stories.
She is a VERY dynamic speaker.
One minute we were laughing, then the next we were crying,
before going back to laughing again.


rust-oleum, chalk paint, snap sponsor

There were tons of sponsors at Snap!
I especially liked this chalk paint by Rust-oleum.

Spellbinders was one of the many vendors
doing make and takes.
I made the #crafty pennant and the cute sunglasses at their booth.

DMC floss, sponsor, SNAP conference

DMC was another make and take sponsor.

SNAP conference make and takes, craft project, hand crafted bracelet

I made this darling cross stitched cuff there.
This would be such a fun activity to do with your kids
or with a young women's group.

bracelets at SNAP!, gifts, handmade jewelry

Charmed Collections gave all of the SNAP! attendees these bracelets.
One charm has a unicorn, 
the other says, "She believed that she could, so she did."

free swag from blog conference, conference gifts

The vendors/sponsors were so generous.
We got TONS of Swag! 
So much fun!

I even won a Cameo3 from Silhouette.
How awesome is that!


I enjoyed all of the classes I took.
There was a great variety, from sewing, to building, to growing business,
to website help.  There was something for everyone!

photoshop elements class at Snap!

I took a class to learn Photoshop Elements.
I'm super excited to put all of that info to use!


unicorn dance party decor

Oh my goodness, the UNICORN dance party was so much fun!

unicorn dance party

These ladies sure know how to have a good time!

unicorn dance party, snap conference

I had to get out of my comfort zone a bit, but I'm so glad I did.

I met so many wonderful, creative people and 
learned SO much about the creative world of blogging, social media etc.
I am soooooo glad I went to Snap!

I'm going to recap some tips to thrive at an influencer conference.
Some things I did and some things I wish I had done.

Take a large tote bag.
You get a ton of awesome goodies from the sponsors and for make and takes.
You need a place to carry it all!

Bring an extra suitcase.
You need a way to haul all of that awesomeness home.
BTW- Southwest Airlines lets you have 2 pieces of luggage, 
1 personal item and 1 carry on,
without additional cost.

Have business cards made.
This conference is perfect for networking with 
sponsors and other influencers.
You need a way for them to contact you.

I designed my own business cards, 
then had them printed at Vista Print.
I stamped the scissors on each card and heat embossed it 
with red glitter embossing powder.
It took a bit of time, but was totally worth it.
My card won The Most Creative award and I got a 
ticket to go to SNAP! next year!

Don't forget a notebook.
I took tons of notes during all of the speakers talks, 
my classes and things that I was inspired to do differently with
my website and my life.

Stock up on healthy snacks.
I found a grocery store, fairly close,
and stocked up on snacks and drinks.
There were tons of snacks and soda at the conference.  
So once I got to my room I wanted healthier options.  
(That is so weird for me to say since I think candy is a food group.)
My room had a small fridge so 
I had protein bars, yogurt, cheese sticks, pretzels and nuts.
It helped on those evenings I was too tired to go out.

Study the sponsors
I wish I had figured out who was going to be
at Snap and come up with questions to ask them 
and things to talk to them about.
Small talk makes me a bit nervous so I wasn't on my A game.
If I had planned ahead, I don't think I would have been as nervous.

If you want to sight see, go a day early.
The conference is very busy from 8 am on.
Every evening I was pooped. 
I didn't want to go out to dinner, let alone anything else.

Stay a day later to recover
if you can swing it.
There is so much to do at the conference and so much to learn that 
it's hard to jump right back into mommy life
when you're tired.  I stayed an extra day to sleep in and rest.
I was ready to jump back into life when I got home!

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