Vintage Market Days {Nashville}

Today I'm recapping my visit to
Vintage Market Days Nashville.

vintage market, junk picking, junk buying, antiques, nashville

Last weekend I had the chance to go to
Vintage Market Days in Nashville.  

Now y'all know I love me some junk!
This place was a junkers heaven!!  

Come along and I'll take you for a tour!

There were so many things to see!
I love markets like this that help me think
outside the norm and find new uses for old things! 

vintage shopping, market, antique, nashville, enamelware

I love this enamel pot used for a planter!  

wire shelf, chicken feeder, white pitchers

This wire shelving unit is so cool!  
It would look great as is, or on top of a long dresser or chest.

vintage farmhouse interiors, vintage door, chair, washboard

I loved this booth from

bedspread pillows, barnwood side table, junk, antique

I really wanted these pillows made from vintage linens.
I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting them.

plants, topiaries, vintage junk, vintage container with plants

There were topiaries everywhere.

topiaries, vintage container, plants, vintage cupboard

I love all of the various containers they are planted in!

jenni bowlin studio, planters, vintage candlesticks

This booth is from one of my favorite 
vintage vendors ever,

larro feeds can light

chicken feeder planter, vintage, metal, rustic

I love that they used rustic items, like this chicken feeder
for planters.  So cool!

This is my good friend Lauralynn 
that went to the market with me!

carolina chic, home decor, salvage, farmhouse

This booth by Carolina Chic was one of my favorites!!
They had shiplap walls with vines in
a trellis pattern.
The ladder display above the table with 
the mossy lampshades are awesome!!

Tennessee sign, hanging buckets as planters

The hanging buckets are such an innovative idea.
I'm trying to figure out where I can do that in my house!


This booth had such a clever idea
for old bedsprings.
They are wired together and turned into a tiered
cupcake stand.  I die! 
This is the best idea ever!
Can you imagine this display at a wedding?

metal folding chair, wooden planter boxes, metal spring, necklace

So what did I end up with from Vintage Market Days?
The cutest, most charming, mini fold up metal chair,
a necklace, wooden planter boxes, 
a vintage, roll up,  measuring tape.,
and a metal spring that I will use as a photo holder, 
or even a Christmas card holder.

vintage boxes, lamp height

The wooden planter boxes I used as lamp pedestals.

I also got a fantastic necklace made up of various vintage bits and baubs,
including a cow ear tag,
and a charm that says "never, never, give up!"
The vendor who sold it to me asked what I was never going to give up.
When I explained that I'd had a hard week,
he shook my hand, gave me a side hug and asked if he could pray over me.
I was so touched!  

That's what I love about the South!
That is some southern charm right there!