10 tips for viewing the Nashville fireworks

Today I'm sharing 10 tips for 
watching the Nashville fireworks

nashville fireworks, shelby street bridge, riverfront park

For the past few years, 
my family and I have gone to Nashville
to view the fireworks.

The July 4th celebration, Let Freedom Sing,
 in downtown Nashville is a huge event!

There are free concerts and family friendly activities all day long.
Last year Sheryl Crow played.
This year, Chris Young and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 
are some of the acts that will be performing,

The Nashville symphony plays during the enormous fireworks show.
It's so much fun, but very crowded and busy!
So with a little bit of planning, it can be less stressful!


So today I'm sharing
 10 tips to make viewing the Nashville fireworks easier.

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nashville fireworks, nashville, downtown nashville

Around 150,000 people travel to Nashville to watch the 
breathtaking fireworks show.

Many roads are closed, including Broadway, one
of the main roads in downtown Nashville.
Plan on the traffic being bad and for the crowds to be enormous!

music city center, mcc parking for nashville

We parked at the Music City Center.
We like parking there because it's covered parking 
and costs around $15.  

rain ponchos, rain at nashville fireworks

For the past 2 years, it's been raining on July 4.  
We've taken hats and rain ponchos* to keep us dry.

Another important thing to bring is a water bottle*.
And bonus points for a water bottle strap* or  holder* to keep
your hands free.

With everything that's going on downtown,
there's TONS of walking!  
Make sure to wear comfy shoes.
Even if it's raining, it's still lots of fun to 
walk around downtown.

Also, bring a backpack to hold
ponchos when not in use,
sunscreen, snacks, 
a small first aid kit for minor boo boos,

and a picnic blanket* to hold your spot on the grass
at the Riverfront park.

where to watch nashville fireworks, shelby street pedestrian bridge

We like watching the fireworks at the Riverfront Park
because the fireworks are shot from Nissan stadium
 right across the river.
There's also a large screen and speakers that play the concerts.

This park fills up rather quickly so it's best to get there
when it's still light to secure your spot.

Then you can take turns making trips to the 
various food trucks up and down the street.

fireworks above nissan stadium

 This is the BEST fireworks show around.
Watching the colorful display in the sky
while hearing the Nashville Symphony play music is amazing!!

let freedom sing fireworks, nashville

It's very loud!
The sound of the discharge of the fireworks
bounces off the surrounding buildings.

So if you are sensitive,
you may want to bring earplugs*.


Plan on the fireworks show to start at least
an hour after it's advertised to start,
and longer if there's a weather delay.

It's totally and completely worth it though.
As I said, it's the best fireworks show ever!!

After the show is over,
you and your closest 100,000 friends will all be making your way
back to your cars.
Have fun, meet new people, and take selfies
with your new friends as you all walk through the crowded streets together!!

Getting out of the city after the show is hard.
EVERYONE is trying to leave at the same time.
There is a gigantic wait (1hr+) just to get out of the parking lot.
We had a cooler with drinks and snacks that we
left in the car to keep us fed while waiting.
Another good idea would be to bring a few toys or games to
keep everyone from getting antsy.


nashville fireworks, nissan stadium, riverfront park

Tips to Enjoy watching the Nashville fireworks:

1.  it's very crowded, plan accordingly
2.  park at the Music City Center
3.  bring rain ponchos for everyone
4.   bring water, water bottle holder
sunscreen and snacks
5.  bring a backpack to hold everything
6.  wear comfy shoes
7.  take a picnic blanket
8.  bring ear plugs
9.  the walk back to your car will be crowded and long
10.  bring a cooler for snacks and drinks while you're waiting to leave the city


Have you ever been to the Nasvhille fireworks show?  
Do you have any tips you would add?