Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thanksgiving table decorations and place settings

Here are some quick and easy
Thanksgiving table decor and place settings
that you can do today!

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One more post about Fall/Thanksgiving
and then I'm giving in and going for Christmas!!  :)

Today I'm sharing my Thanksgiving table
decor and place settings!

I host Thanksgiving at my house every year!
It's one of my favorite holidays!
I love having people over, cooking, 
EATING, visiting and just enjoying the season!

To decorate my table, I used things I already had on hand.
I'll link to similar items at the end of the post.

For each place setting
I used a wicker charger, a white plate, a dessert plate, a plaid napkin,
silverware, a drinking glass, and a mini pumpkin.

I also sat around some real and ceramic
mini pumpkins.

I grabbed a glass vase
filled it with acorns and pine cones my kids and I
found at the park.

Then I tied some fabric around it
and popped some leafy stems in.

We always have our Gratitude book
handy for all of our Thanksgiving guests to write in.
(see more about our Gratitude book and 
other Thanksgiving traditions here.)

To compliment our Thanksgiving table
I decorated our mantel too.

The base is a frame with chicken wire.
I printed the word Grateful out,
then cut it into individual letters.
I clipped the letters and some oversized faux leaves 
onto the chicken wire
 leaves with clothespins.

As a family,
we are each writing on slips of paper
the things we are grateful for.

Then we'll clip the slips of paper to the board!

It's the perfect thing to remember how
blessed we are and what we are grateful for this season!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


These are products similar to what I used above.

white plates
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glass vase
dessert plates, glass or paper
leaf stems

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  1. This is super cute! I love decorating and I think these tips could work. Lovely post!

  2. This looks beautiful! Inspires me to get decorating my table now!!

  3. Such a cute space! I won't be home for thanksgiving but if I were this would inspire me to replicate this! So pretty!

  4. I really love the fall leaves. I've never even thought of getting fake ones for a centerpiece. It looks so festive.


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