Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Easy Easter Decorations

When you think of Easter decorations,
do you think of tole painted bunnies,
brightly colored plastic eggs
and multi colored Easter baskets 
with that grass that gets all over the place? 
You don't need to!

Don't get me wrong, I like tole painted bunnies!
I received one as a child from my mom that I 
will keep forever and ever.

But if that's not your jam,
it is possible to easily decorate for Easter
without sacrificing your style.

easter, farmhouse, tulips, eggs, jar

I have a large cabinet in my living room
that is perfect for seasonal decor!

I bought it many years ago
 at a yard sale.

It's been painted yellow and black.
I pulled the pieces a part for a while
and used them in separate spaces in my home.

Now I have the piece back together
 and painted gray.

For the back of the cupboard,
I used typography scrapbook paper
with double stick tape.

I love using paper because it's so inexpensive and easy!!
And when my decorating ADD kicks in,
I can change it out!

I filled the bottom of the cupboard with books
and then photos of my babes.
Photos of loved ones are the best decorations of all!!

I've always been a collector of
holiday decorations.
Some of the things in my plethora of decor bins 
no longer fit my current home decor style,
like these little figurines.

I saw an idea for filling jars 
from my friend, Leanne

She put candy in hers, which I love,
but thought it would be better for my sugar consumption
to use those figures - I didn't know what to do with- 
along with crepe paper grass.

The yellow bunny is from Home Goods.

I put a bunch of plastic and chalkboard eggs
in a wooden box trough. 
I also added some paper mache' and wooden eggs
that I painted with polka dots several years ago.

Another view of the entire thing.

I found these diorama eggs recently at Goodwill.
Aren't they so cute?  LOVE!
The egg cups are from World Market.

I got the truck on a recent trip to a Nashville antique store
and the egg flash card last weekend
at Vintage Market Days.

Turning on the lights just makes me so happy.
This might just stay here forever!!

To our picture ledge shelves area,
I added some white bunnies.
The large one was a scary looking ceramic bunny
from Goodwill that I spray painted white several years ago.

The small ones are from Target last year.

I put some faux decorative eggs in a jar
then added some faux tulips as well.

It's so much fun to add small holiday
touches to our regular home decor!

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