End of the month - March Favorites

I blinked and here it is-
only ONE more day of March!
How in the world did that happen?

It's kind of a blur.
I'm glad I have these monthly recap posts to remind me!

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First of all, 
I'm going to start with a few things that I've
found and love!

maybelline Tattoo Studio brow gel

You put it onto your insufficient eyebrows.
It really just colors them in a bit more.
Then you use the little wand that's included
to groom your brows and make sure
the gel is all set.  
One of the great features is that it's waterproof.  
You know there's nothing worse than 
having your eyebrows wiped off!

I do not care for most hand creams
because I can't stand my hands greasy.  Ew!
But this bath and body works hand cream
dries very smoothly.
It smells amazing too.
I have the Sleep scent and the Happiness scent.

oatmeal, microwave, easy breakfast, oatmeal in a mug

I've been loving oatmeal lately!
My fave recipe is:

In a mug add:
1/2 c. old fashioned oats
1/2 c. milk
bit of brown sugar
sprinkle of cinnamon
Microwave in a mug for 1 minute.

sliced banana
chia seeds

Eat!  It's so yummy!  
I eat it almost every day.
And it's very filling!

I love our tree in the Spring!
It is filled with pale pink blossoms and is just gorgeous!!

The tree down the street is flowering too.


Inspiring markets:

antique fair, antiques in nashville

I was able to attend Vintage Market Days 
here in Nashville.
It was such a beautiful market.
I came away totally inspired!

I did a version of these hanging water cans.
I'll post it soon.

I also went to the Nashville Flea Market.
I was found sooo many wonderful things!
I used some of the pieces I purchased in 

There will be more projects coming!


Family happenings:

This week my kids have been on Spring Break.
We've gone to movies, lunch, and spring clothes shopping.
We've also done some 
house cleaning and rearranging.

Hopefully photos of the latter
two will be coming soon!


Posts you may have missed:

I really need to go back and reread this one!
Spring Break can be kinda tough for this mom!

One of the best parts about these vases
is that the paint is not permanent.
I just got them wet and 
the paint scrubbed right off.
These vases cane be customized to whatever
event I am decorating for!


There are SO many talented people 
that share so many fantastic things!

Here are the things I was inspired by this month!

Her mantels are always amazing!

This mantel could be one of the cutest things
I've seen on IG in a while.
Also browse her IG and check out
the egg trick she did in her glass front cabinets!

Could you DIE over the metal trough sink and 
black hex tile?  I could!! 

Check out Jenni Bowlin at the 
Round Top Antique Fair in TX!
Watching her IG stories makes me drool!
What a beautiful place!


March was a very full month!
I learned a lot,
was inspired by much,
met some goals,
and set some new ones!

Bring on April!!

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