Friday, April 6, 2018

Repurposed Metal and Spindle Candle Holders

Candice is my name
and junkin is my game!

I love the thrill of the hunt
and I love repurposing my found treasures 
into other things.

One of my fave things lately
is repurposing old lamp parts,
light fixtures and spindles 
into candle holders.

repurposed metal and spindle candle holders, farmhouse, vintage

As I showed in my Easter table post,
I picked up a bunch of metal pieces when 
I went to the Nashville Flea Market.

They were from old lamps and old light fixtures.
I was drawn to the rust and patina.
I'm working on a few different projects with them.
First is candle holders.

Some of the metal pieces had rust.
So after cleaning them, I used matte finish clear spray to seal them.

The matte finish keeps the original finish
but adds a layer of protection.

I stuck candles in/on the pieces.

To round out the set, I used my candle stick spindles.
I've used these all over my home.

I also found these spindles at the flea market.

I chopped them down with my miter saw.

Then I sanded the edges a bit.

I added a battery operated tea light because I didn't want to worry
about burning the candle sticks, or my table, or my house!!  

I love the vintage metal and vintage wood
all mixed together on my table.

I wish I knew where these items came from.
How cool would it be to know where they've been?!
I'll just have to be content to love them
repurposed in my home!

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