The Secret of How to Make a Halloween Neon Light

Have you ever seen a neon light and thought how did they make that?  Or even more importantly, how can I make one?  Well today is your lucky day!  I am going to show you how easy it is to make a Halloween Neon Light.  

The secret of how to make a Halloween neon light.  DIY instructions for making a word neon light.

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Did you know that you can DIY a neon light?  I know, I didn't either.  That is until I found the secret!
The secret is that  neon light strands can be purchased

With knowing that little secret, I added a neon word light to my Halloween Home Decor this year.  I'm going to teach you how to make one as well.  

Neon Light, Halloween Home Decor, Halloween word neon light

How to make a Neon Light for Halloween

This is a pretty simple and inexpensive project.  I had all of the supplies on hand except the neon light strand.  

Supplies for making a neon light word

Directions for making Halloween Neon Light

  • Write out the word Halloween the size and the style you desire.  I had my daughter write mine on my chalkboard wall.
  • Bend the wire to follow the lines of the word.  You will want to use strong tape to hold the wire in place.
  • As you bend the wire around the word use fishing line to tie the wire at the intersections.
  • Trace the wire with the neon light strand and use fishing wire to hold the lights to the wire.

Hang the finished word with clear hooks.

Halloween home decor, halloween neon light, command hooks

Turn the lights on and watch them GLOW!  

The lights even buzz a little, just like old school neon signs.

Halloween Home Decor, halloween mantel

I love the addition the light makes to the mantel in my Halloween Home Decor.

halloween neon light, how to make a neon word light

It looks so good lit up at night.  The spooky glow cast by this Halloween Neon Light makes a perfect addition to Halloween decor!