Friday, December 14, 2018

5 tips for Shipping Christmas Gifts

It's getting so close to Christmas! It's time to get those gifts out the door!

Here are 5 tips for shipping Christmas Gifts

5 tips for shipping Christmas Gifts

If you have gifts to ship... GET GOING!  haha  But not before reading these tips!!

5 tips for shipping Christmas Gifts

1.  Don't ship gifts yourself 

No seriously!  Order gifts online and have them shipped directly from the store to the recipient!
Of course there's Amazon, but most online stores offer free shipping. even offers 2 day free shipping.

Read on if you don't take my advice :) and still decide to ship gifts.

 2. Consider the size of the gift  

When buying gifts, think about the size.  Bigger and heavier gifts cost more money to ship. So if you've found the perfect gift that's totally worth the cost of shipping, by all means do it. But that is something that needs to be taken into consideration. 

5 tips for shipping Christmas gifts, flat rate boxes

3.  Use Flat Rate Boxes

The post office provides provides boxes for free that ship for a flat fee.  
small- $7.20
medium- $13.65
large- $18.90
The motto is If it Fits, it Ships!  As long as the package closes, the cost is pre - decided, no matter how much it weighs.  It's the best deal!

4.  Pay for Postage Online

Do not go stand in line at the post office.  Go to for shipping.  It's very easy to pay for postage and print shipping labels on your home printer.  Tape the label onto the package with packing tape, without covering the bar code.

5 tips for shipping Christmas gifts, use carrier pick up

5.  Use Carrier Pick Up

After printing your label and taping the box/envelope well, schedule carrier pick up.  The postal carrier will come directly to your home or office and pick up your packages without you ever leaving home.

Oh and as an FYI:  
The last 2018 dates for shipping through USPS are:
December 20 for Priority Mail
December 22 for Priority Mail Express

Hopefully these tips will help you save time 

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  1. Excellent tips for the readers who luckily live in the United States. Unfortunately here in Canada our Canadian Postal Service doesn't offer the same options. In fact; sadly they have been in a rotation strike mode for over two months now and were only recently legislated 'back-to-work' resulting in an over-whelming backlog with no guaranty that things will be delivered in time for Christmas. (i.e.: I've been waiting on an order shipped five weeks ago from a distance of only 500 miles away and still haven't received it. Bah Humbug ... ☺) To conclude; MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS. -Brenda-


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