DIY Dowel Peg Rack

I am in the middle of a big kitchen redo.  One of the first problems I solved was having somewhere to hang cutting boards.  I made DIY Dowel Peg Rack.

DIY Dowel Peg Rack  |  easy instructions for making a dowel peg rack to hang cutting boards or anything else  |  She's Crafty

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Have you been looking for a way to hang cutting boards (or anything else) in your kitchen?  I looked in all of my local stores for the perfect piece to hang on the freshly painted wall in my kitchen.  I had an idea of what I wanted, but could not find anything to purchase.  

So what's a crafty girl to do?  Well I did like I always do, I made it myself.  

DIY Dowel Peg Rack  |  useful rack for hanging cutting board

How to Make a Dowel Peg Rack

Once I figured out what I was doing, this peg rack was super easy to make!  I actually had all of the supplies in my garage but even if you don't, the cost to purchase them is very minimal!

Simple peg rack instructions  -  black peg rack hanging storage

Supplies needed to make Dowel Peg Rack

Simple peg rack instructions  -  black peg rack hanging storage

Instructions for making a Dowel Peg Rack

  • Cut dowels into 3.5 inch pieces.  You can do this with a hand saw if you don't have a miter saw.
  • Cut 1" x 2" to 30 inch length.  
  • Sand each dowel and the 1x2 until they are smooth.
  • Measure and mark every 3 inches and measure the middle of the board so each hole is in the middle.
  • Drill holes at each mark with paddle bit.  Put a piece of masking tape around the bit at about 0.5 inches, that way you will drill the holes to a uniform depth.
  • Put a dab of glue into each hole, place the dowel inside the hole (it will be a very tight fit) and tap it in with a rubber mallet.  Use a level to make sure each dowel is tapped in at the same level as the dowel next to it.
  • Spray paint the entire piece.
  • Hang it on the wall with screws and anchors, if a stud isn't available.

Simple peg rack instructions  -  how to make a black peg rack hanging storage

Hanging peg rack for a kitchen - farmhouse style storage

Hanging peg rack for a kitchen - farmhouse style storage

I also made the dish rack.  I will be posting a tutorial for that very soon.

Dowel Peg Rack - hanging storage in farmhouse kitchen

I hung up some cutting boards and a cute sign.  I love the simple look of it.  And I love that it was a quick afternoon project!  If you need some extra hanging storage, make a quick and easy DIY Dowel Peg Rack.