How to make Christmas Countdown Blocks

Looking for a fun way to countdown the days until Christmas?  Make these easy DIY Christmas Countdown Blocks.  

Christmas Countdown Blocks

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Christmas is 30 days from today.  Yay!!  We are very excited in our house and have begun the Christmas Countdown.  So because of that, I have a super cute and super easy idea to make Christmas Countdown Blocks!  

How to Make Christmas Countdown Blocks

Wood to make Christmas Countdown Blocks

Gather Your Supplies

DIY Christmas Countdown Blocks

Process to make DIY Christmas Countdown Blocks

  • paint the 2" x 4" whatever color you want-  I painted mine white.  
  • paint the blocks-  I painted mine red and white.
  • distress the wood with sandpaper if desired
  • use a black paint pen to write Days until Christmas on the 2" x 4"
  • use the black paint pen on the white block to write 0,1,2,7,8,9 
  • use a white paint pen on the red block to write 0,1,2,3,4,5
  • use matte finish to top coat all sides of the blocks and the 2" x 4" base

DIY Christmas Countdown Blocks

Place them in an area of your home that they can easily be changed.  Every one in my family loves to change the blocks and even sometimes compete to be the first one to change them.

How to make DIY Christmas Countdown Blocks

Making Christmas Countdown Blocks is such an inexpensive and easy project.  You can make them with your family in about an hour, which includes dry time.  I'd love to see if you make some for your home.