Mother's Day Gift Idea - Flower Vases

Mother's Day is very soon so it's time to get a gift for the mothers in your life. I have an idea for making Mother's Day Flower Vases.

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Mother's Day is a holiday that sneaks up on us sometimes.  We all know our moms are the most important ladies in our lives, but we kinda take them for granted too.  Oopsie!  And our mom's already have everything, right?  So what in the world do we do for our mom's?  Well, something that mom's always like is flowers.  

How to Make Mother's Day Flower Vases

Mother's Day flower vase - gift idea

This is such a fun and easy project.  Pick up some pretty flowers from Trader Joe's, which we all know has the best flowers, or just grab some at Walmart, pop them in a custom vase and give them to your mom.  

Supplies needed to make a Mother's Day flower vase.

Supply List for Mother's Day Vase

Happy Mother's Day vase.

Directions for Making Mother's Day Vases

  • Clean the vases really well either in the dishwasher or with glass cleaner.
  • Use the silhouette software to design a Mother's Day saying.  I used the fonts on my computer. 
  • Cut the design, weed the vinyl and apply it to the glass vase.

Mama, Mother, Mom glass vase.

Once you have the vinyl applied to the vase, then they are ready for flowers.  If you don't want to use fresh, you can use real touch tulips.  These tulips have a real life look and feel, which is awesome.

Mother's Day Glass Flower Vase with real touch tulips.

Mother's Day Vases are a great way to give a Mother's Day gift to the mom's in your life.  

Mother's Day Flower Vases.