How to make a dip Painted Patriotic Vase

Are you looking for a cute vase for your Memorial Day or Summer Table?  This Patriotic Painted Vase is super easy, inexpensive and can be used all summer long.  

How to Make a Painted Vase in patriotic colors - pinterest pin.

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I love to decorate for all of the holidays and seasons, but I don't have the budget to buy or the space to store all the things.  So I love finding ways to reuse what I already have.  

For this project, I decided to use some simple bud vases that were just sitting in my cupboard.  You know which vases I'm talking about, you probably have them too.  

How to Make Painted Vases

This is a super budget friendly way to make decorative vases for any season.  All you need is a vase or 2 and acrylic craft paint.  This is such a great way to repurpose vases you already have on hand.  If you don't have them, grab a couple at the thrift store.  

You can use any color of paint and any glass vase - the possibilities are endless!  How cute would these be for a wedding or baby shower?  

Painted glass vase using craft paint and bud vase.

For my vases, I decided to go red white and blue.  I grabbed paint that is available everywhere, even Walmart.  You don't have to use high quality paint.  In fact, if you just use craft paint, you can wash the paint off for your next party or event.  

  How to dip glass vases in paint.

I poured the paint into a small narrow dish that my vase would fit in.  You can use any dish because acrylic paint washes right out with soap and water.  

How to dip glass vases in paint.

Then I dipped the vase into the dish to get paint all around it.  Roll the vase around until you have the paint coverage you desire. 

How to make a dip painted vase.

Place the vase on a cooling rack so the paint can drip off of it.  (I like to keep cooling racks in my craft room since they come in handy for all sorts of paint projects.)  Make sure to cover your work surface because obviously the paint drips off and makes a mess.   Let the vase dry for several hours or over night.  

How to make a dip painted vase.

Once the red layer is dry, repeat the process with the white layer. The paint gets really thick on the bottom of the base, so carefully wipe it off.  You can also let the vase dry upside down so the paint doesn't glop up on the bottom, but just be aware that the paint will drip.  

How to make a dip painted vase.

Then repeat with blue.  I was impatient and didn't let the white or the blue paint dry long enough, so I kind of got a little cracked.  It's ok though because I like the imperfect look.  If you don't, make sure to let the paint dry in between the coats.  

Also, by the time I got to the blue, the paint was really thick and gloppy on the bottom of the vase.  If I were to layer several paint colors again, I think I'd wipe the first 2 colors off of the bottom, since it will be covered by the last color.  

How to make a dip painted red, white and blue vase for memorial day.

Side Note:  The craft paint on the vase is a tiny bit fragile.  If the vase gets wet, like when filling it with water for flowers, it will rub off.  If you'd like the paint to stay on, I would use craft paint for glass or use a sealer.  I haven't ever sealed glass before so I can't guarantee that would work.  Otherwise, when you are ready to change out your décor or vase, the paint will come right off with soap, water and a little bit of rubbing.

How to make a dip painted red, white and blue vase for Summer.

I filled my vases with some greenery and small hand held flags.  

How to make a dip painted red, white and blue vase for Summer.

How to make a dip painted red, white and blue vase for Summer.

Dipped vases in paint is the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your home décor or table setting.  Patriotic Painted Vases are a great touch for Memorial Day on through until Independence Day.   

If you make some, let me know because I'd love to see them!  Happy Painting Friends!