How to dress up a plain Evergreen Wreath

If you have a plain evergreen wreath laying around, I can show you how to dress it up.  In today's post I will show you How to Dress up a Plain Evergreen Wreath with Foraged Branches.

How to Make a Foraged Branch Wreath using a plain ever green

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This year when I pulled the plain jane evergreen wreaths out of my Christmas bins, I knew I needed to spruce them up. A few years ago, a dear friend of mine showed me how she dresses up her wreaths with branches clipped from her yard, so I decided to use her method to spruce up my plain wreaths.

How to forage for branches

I foraged in my neighborhood for trees.  I found a few evergreens like Cedar, Juniper and Red Pine.  I also grabbed some Boxwood and Golden Euonymus clippings from my own yard.

Foraged evergreen branches in a metal bucket.

I collected the clippings in a large bucket and got everything together at my kitchen table.  Supplies needed:  
  • evergreen wreath with wired branches.  The wreath I used is a cheapy that looked cheap too, which makes it perfect to dress up.
  • branch clippings
  • gardening shears 

Inexpensive Pine Wreath flattened on a table.

I laid my plain Jane wreath on the table and flattened the center out a bit.  The branches are wired so they move really easily.

Bundle of foraged branches for wreath.

I grabbed a few of the branches that I thought would look nice together and held them in a bundle.  I did not wire them together.

Lay foraged branches on top of pine wreath.

I laid the branch bunch on top of the pine wreath in the flattened area.  I kind of smushed it into the wreath a bit.

Use the branches of the evergreen wreath to hold the foraged branches.

I then crossed 2 of the evergreen branches over the branch bundle and wrapped them around each other.  Since they are wired, they can tighten down and hold the branches in the wreath.  No additional wire needed.   

How to add foraged branches to an evergreen wreath.

Repeat.  Continue to add bundles of branches until the wreath is as full as you wish it to be.  Keep arranging and fluff the evergreen branches to make sure they are around the branch bundles.

How to add foraged branches to an evergreen wreath.

I love the look of the different clippings all grouped together on the wreath. With all of the branches on, it takes the plain evergreen wreath from drab to fab!  

How to dress up a plain evergreen wreath.

Now that the wreath is done, it can be hung up.  I like to use a length of ribbon wrapped around the top of the wreath to hang it.  

Hanging a spruced up evergreen wreath with ribbon.

Hanging a spruced up evergreen wreath with ribbon.

For no money, you can add some branches to a cheap evergreen wreath and make it look like a million bucks.  It's super easy to Dress up a Plain Evergreen Wreath with Foraged Branches.

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