How to Make Garden Markers

 If you're looking for a creative way to make DIY Garden Markers, I have an idea to make them.

DIY Garden Markers Pinterest Pin.

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The last frost has (hopefully) taken place here in TN, so I think it's high time to start gardening.  There is nothing worse than working so hard to plant your veggies and then you don't know what's what.  Not that I would actually know because I have never successfully grown anything edible . . . but that's another story.  

Spring Home Decor - gardening style vignette.

I definitely love the aesthetic of garden markers.  I can just picture them in a freshly planted vegetable garden.  But I also think they look so charming in a home d├ęcor gardening display.

How to Make Garden Markers

For these garden markers I wanted a natural look.  

Small wood rectangles to make garden markers.

Purchase small rectangle wood pieces in assorted sizes.  (I found these at Hobby Lobby.)  Use the largest pieces that were about 1 inch by 2 inches.

Letter rubber stamps and black ink to stamp garden markers.

Dust off your stash of letter stamps and a black stamp pad. Stamp out "planty" words along with a bunch of vegetable names.  

Side Note:  Using lots of mini rubber stamps makes clean up kind of a pain.  I think using a stamp scrub pad and cleaner makes using letter stamps so much easier.  After stamping each letter, I rub it quickly on the pad that has been sprayed with the cleaner and then pop it back in the box.    

Glue wood rectangles to dowels to make garden markers.

Cut the dowels to about 4 inches and sand the edges if necessary.  Flip the rectangles over and hot glue the dowel to the back.  I like using a fine tip hot glue gun to make the glue globs more manageable.  

Garden Markers made from wood rectangles.

And that's how easy it is to make Garden Markers.  You can pop these in the ground next to your plants and you'll know the peppers from the carrots and they will look cute too - because that is always a consideration!  :)

Various Garden Markers.

When I was looking for garden markers, I found a bunch.  The top 3 came from Target.  The bottom plastic ones are from Dollar Tree.  I used a sharpie to write plant names on them.  These all would work great for just about any planting project, even if they didn't quite work for what I had in mine.  That is why I chose to make some out of simple craft supplies.

Garden vignette with plant signs.

I used some of the other little signs I made in a different vignette in my living room.  I think they add a cute touch to these mini watering cans!

If you've learned anything from reading this blog, I hope it is that YOU can make just about anything! If you can't locate a place to buy something you need, you can find a way to make it.  These DIY Garden Markers are the perfect example.  With just a few simple crafting supplies I was able to make exactly what I had pictured in my head!