Ideas for Easy and Cheap Photography Backdrops

 Are you looking for a way to take your product/project photography up a notch?  Check out these Ideas for Easy and Cheap Photography Backdrops.  

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I have taken many photos over the years of the projects I do and the products I make.  Sometimes the photos are ok, sometimes they are not, but I am working on making that better.  Besides good lighting, the best thing that has helped is using a photography backdrop.  

When I was looking for a backdrop, I had several qualifications:
  • portable
  • removeable
  • easy
  • inexpensive
  • stylish
Once I established what I was looking for, I was able to figure out how to make backdrops.

Easy and Inexpensive Product Photography Backdrop

This is such an easy solution for upping your photography game.  You'll wish you'd done it sooner!

Foam Core Boards to make photography backdrop.

Buy Foam Core Boards.  I found 20" x 30" foam core boards at Dollar Tree.  They are a little flimsy so if you may want to buy sturdier boards somewhere else.

How to put foam core boards together to make photo back drop.

Put Foam Boards Together.  Place 2 foam boards side by side leaving about 1/2 inch space in between them.  Run clear packing tape across the boards, covering the opening between them.  Flip the boards over and tape the other side as well.  The space in between is so that boards will fold flat.

Glue book page paper to foam core to make photography back drop..

Cover Boards.  To cover the boards you can use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or contact paper.  For this backdrop I ripped pages out of an old dictionary.  I cut the torn margins off and glued the paper to the foam core.  

Book page paper back drop for product photography.

Use Backdrop.  I like using the foam core backdrop because once it is placed against a wall or a stack of books, it makes the perfect bottom and back ground for taking photos.  It then folds flat for easy storage.

How to make a marble look photography backdrop.

Contact Paper.  When using contact paper, you do not need to use packing tape.  Instead, cut lengths of contact paper to fit the length of the foam boards.  For 20"x30" boards,  I used 3 lengths of 30" of contact paper.  

To apply contact paper, I laid the foam boards side by side with 1/2 inch in between.  Then I placed one of the lengths of contact paper covering the seam where the 2 boards meet.  Then I placed other lengths at the top and at the bottom.  I wrapped the contact paper around the edges of the foam boards.

Wood Look Product Photography Backdrop.

I used the exact same method with wood look contact paper.  If you decide to use wrapping paper, it may be better to use spray adhesive or mod podge.

Book Page Paper Product Photography Backdrop.

So far I have made 3 Photography backdrops.  I need to make more since they are so easy and inexpensive.  Make Easy and Cheap Backdrops to take your product and project photography to the next level.