Easy Fall Art Ideas

If you're looking for some ways to bring early fall into your home decor, I have some Easy Fall Art Ideas.

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It's August, that means fall is on it's way.  But since it is only August, it's not quite time to get all things fall out of storage just yet.  Although the date does not preclude me from THINKING about the fall decorating I want to do.  And part of what I've been thinking about is fall artwork.

Putting together fall artwork is a great way to bring fall to your home d├ęcor without committing to pumpkins and leaves just yet.  

Easy Ideas for Fall Artwork

There are several places to find artwork for fall and I found a bunch of sources that I am going to share with you.

Printable Art for Fall.

Vintage Oil Painting Book

Vintage oil painting book from thrift store.

I found this vintage oil painting book at the thrift store.  It had some really cool artwork that I knew would look really good framed.  

Vintage oil painting book from thrift store.

I cut a few of the pages out of the book and trimmed them to the size of the vintage frames I had.  I always use vintage frames when possible because I love the age and natural distressing of them.

Tree Printables

Fall framed art printables.

I found this printable here.  I printed one 8 x 10 copy on cardstock and framed 2 different pieces.  
  • The tall thin frame is from the thrift store.  The mat was originally pink and blue and framed a watercolor.  I removed the artwork and painted the mat with my favorite chalk paint.  Once it was dry, I framed a piece of the printable.  
  • The rest of the artwork I used by cutting down a piece to 4 x 6.  Then I mounted it on a 5 x 7 piece of cardstock and put it into the frame. 

Fall printable art.

I found the tree printable here.  I printed it in 4 x 6, mounted it on kraft colored cardstock, and then framed it in . . . you guessed it, a vintage wooden frame.  For real, wooden frames are plentiful at the thrift store and make the perfect place to display art.

Pumpkin Printables

Pumpkin art in wooden frames.

The pumpkin art is printed out photos that I took of pumpkins.  Get the white pumpkins print here and the large orange pumpkins print here.  I printed both on white cardstock and framed them in frames from the thrift store.

Tree and Lake Printable

printable fall art

I found this fall printable here.   I downloaded it and printed on white cardstock in 8 x 10 and 4 x 6.  The the smaller size I put directly into a vintage wood frame.  

Dated art made into fall artwork.

For the larger artwork, I used this framed, yet outdated art piece I got at the thrift store.  It is sized 9 inches by 15 inches.  I could have had the artwork printed on a larger printer, but I decided to give DIY a shot.

Dated art made into fall artwork.

I painted the background with chalk paint.  I used a small paint brush to go around the edges and then a larger brush to paint the rest.  I didn't use the care that I should have, so don't look too closely at the edges.  :)  

DIY Fall artwork.

I printed 2 8 x 10 copies of the art.  I then used my paper trimmer to cut printables into smaller pieces.  Then I layered them together to extend the image.  Once it was laid out, I used mod podge to attach the printable to the frame.  The printable bubbled slightly, so I used a pot scraper while the mod podge was wet to smooth it out.  

Fall printable on a shelf with ceramic creamers.

The mod podge made the ink on the printable run slightly, but it just gave an aged appearance.  The lines also didn't match up perfectly, but the imperfections are always ok with me.  

Fall artwork on shelves in vintage vignette.

I placed the art on the white cabinet in our living room.  It adds rustic style to an otherwise stark white area.  I even kind of like the ink of the printable being faded a little- it adds some distressing and age to a freshly DIY'd piece.  

Hopefully you can use these Easy Fall Art Ideas to add early fall flavor to your home decor!  This makes me so excited for fall to finally get here!

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