Haunted House Halloween Party

If you're looking for a fun party idea for your ghoul friends this Halloween season, I have an idea for a Haunted House Halloween Craft Party.

Haunted House Halloween Craft Party Pinterest Pin.

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You know since I'm Crafty, I always look for reasons to craft!  I think it would be so much fun to gather all of your girlfriends and have a little crafting party for Halloween.  I whipped up some easy wood scrap haunted houses (info post coming soon) and thought they would make the perfect craft to do for a party.

How to Throw a Haunted House Halloween Party

Invite all your girlfriends.  Tell them you'll be crafting.  And when they tell you they aren't crafty and can't do it, remind them that they can.  And you'll have treats.  That always gets people to come over!  

Have Alexa play some fun Halloween music, put some treats out in small bowls around the table and the party is ready to go!  Oh and maybe have some diet coke at the ready as well.  But that's it - easy peasy.  Read on for more info about the houses!

Haunted House Halloween Crafting Party Table Set up.

Set up a Table with Supplies 

Set up a table so you have the space for all of your guests to get their craft on.  I find that my kitchen table works just fine for this.  If you don't want to use your table, you can use a folding table.  Since you'll be painting and gluing, you should probably protect the table with inexpensive table cloths.  Make sure there is plenty of space for each person and their supplies.  

Those supplies include 

Craft Kit for haunted houses.

Make Craft Kits for Haunted Houses

When I am leading craft projects, I like to put kits together (like I did here) with all of the supplies for each crafter.  That way they have all of the things they need.  In this kit, which I put onto a paper plate, I included 
  • a house shape pre cut out of a scrap 2 x 4
  • a scrap of a wooden ruler (for the door) 
  • a small wooden twig (for the chimney)
  • book page paper
  • bats punched out of black cardstock
  • black spider rings

Haunted Houses made from scrap wood.

How to Make the Haunted Houses

These houses are super easy to put together with the supplies and don't require a high level of crafting skills.  I will be doing a full post about them soon.  

Haunted Houses made from scrap wood

The basics of how to make the haunted houses are:
  • paint house shaped wood with black chalk paint
  • distress edges with sand paper
  • mod podge book page paper onto house, onto ruler to make a door or cut into squares to make windows
  • hot glue wooden twig or piece of ruler onto top of house for a chimney
  • embellish with bats, spider ring (with the ring cut off)
  • draw on details like window panes or door knob with black sharpie
  • the skeleton is a printable from here

Don't Forget Party Refreshments

Food is a great way to keep people happy at your party!  But it doesn't have to be anything elaborate!    

Serve refreshments at Halloween Party.

Fill small bowls with Halloween candy - everyone loves Halloween candy!  You can also set out a few varieties of cookies or bake the crowd pleasing Pumpkin Cookies.  No matter what you serve, just pull your friends together for a good time at the Haunted House Halloween Party! 

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