Throw Pillow Covers

Rather than have a bunch of throw pillows to change out every time you update your pillows, try using Throw Pillow Covers.  They are super easy to sew yourself, even without a ton of sewing skills.  I promise. 

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I have been asked a bunch of times lately where I get my throw pillows.  Just kidding - no one has asked.  But I did recently change my throw pillow covers and like the helpful craft gal I am, I'm going  to show what I do for my throw pillows.  

Why you should use Throw Pillow Covers 

I love changing up my home décor often and that includes throw pillows.  But my house is small and I don't have the storage space for a bunch of off season pillows.  So I decided to just change out the covers and it solved all of my storage woes.

Fall throw pillow covers.

When getting out my fall décor for my home this year, I found my fall throw pillow covers.  Our every day pillow covers are a neutral black and white so sometimes I don't change them.  But this year I couldn't resist the cozy warm flannel.  

Envelope throw pillow covers.

I sewed these envelope pillow covers (here is an awesome tutorial) many years ago so now it takes me about 30 seconds to swap them.  

Stack of throw pillow covers sitting on a bench.

I have a bunch of throw pillow covers that I can change out with my taste and the seasons.  I have used many different fabrics and they all seem to work.  I love the flannel in the colder months and cotton when it's warmer.  This small stack is so much easier to store than the 10 throw pillows would be.  

Throw pillow cover with tie closure.

How to make Tie Closure Throw Pillow Covers

You can also use fabric napkins or tea towels in the size of your pillow inserts to make covers.  
  • Line up to 2 fabric napkins, right sides in
  • Sew around 3 sides of napkins
  • Sew 2 ribbons on each side of the napkins, making sure to match them up with the other side
  • To keep the ribbon from fraying while it is being used, melt the edges of the ribbon with a lighter
  • Turn napkins right side out and place the cover on your throw pillow
  • Throw the pillow on your couch and admire your handiwork

Zip up throw pillow covers.

You can also purchase throw pillow covers for a fraction of the cost of the full pillow.  I am not so handy with sewing zippers, so when I buy covers, I buy the ones with zippers.

Throw pillows on brown leather sofa.

Making Throw Pillow Covers is a great solution to switching up your throw pillow game without having to store all of the pillows.  And another bonus is that they are washable which is so great in a house with kids and dogs.  

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