Planner made from Vintage Book

Do you need a planner to get organized in 2023?  Do you want one with that vintage aesthetic that we all love?  Then you're going to love this idea to Make Planners from Vintage Books.

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Are you trying to get organized in 2023?  Well the most important things to do is manage your time by using a planner.  But what if your want to keep the vintage vibe?  Then you can make a planner from a vintage book.

How to Make a Planner from a Vintage Book

How to make a planner from a vintage book.

  • Find a Vintage Book.  The thrift store is always a good place to find vintage books for very little money.  I always look for ones with sturdy covers in a color that is desirable and a title that is engaging or at the very least - non offensive.  haha.

How to cut off cover of vintage book.

  • Remove book cover with craft knife.  Open the book and look at the area that the cover is attached the book pages.  

How to cut cover off of vintage book.

  • Cut the cover off.  Place the craft knife as close to the book page spine as possible without poking through the cover.  

How to remove pages from vintage book.

  • Keep cutting until the book pages come loose.  Set the book pages aside for another project.

Use mod podge to attach patterned paper to book cover.

  • Cover inside with patterned paper.  Measure the surface you will be covering inside the cover.  Cut scrapbook paper to fit.  Brush on a light coat of mod podge on to the book cover with a paint brush.  Be sure to coat the spine very well.  Smooth the paper very carefully.  Then brush on another coat of mod podge and let it dry.  Once the mod podge has dried, fold the cover in half to crease the spine.

Glue on ribbon to hold planerr.

  • Glue on ribbon.  Use tacky glue to attach a length of ribbon at the top and the bottom., leave the center open for the planner to slide in.  Use a clothespin to hold the ribbon in place while the glue dries.  

Slide planner into ribbon holders.

  • Slide planner inside.  Slide the cover of the planner into the ribbon holders.  

Planner cover made from vintage book.

Now you have a fabulous planner to keep yourself organized!  

Planner made from vintage book.

2023 is your year to get and stay organized with a Planner made from a Vintage Book!