Vintage Spice Rack Gallery Wall

Are gallery walls a yay or a nay for you?  They are a definite yay for me, especially when showcasing a fun collection.  This post will show you how to put together a Vintage Spice Rack Gallery Wall.  

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I have been finding a lot of vintage spice rack in my thrifting travels.  I love how different they all look with their size, finish, shape and all of the different woods.  Since I love them so much, I have a hard time parting with them.  And I just happened to have an empty spot above the computer in my craft room.  So I decided to put together a gallery wall.  

Remember gallery walls?  They were super trendy with farmhouse decorating.  I still love me a gallery wall, especially when showcasing collections.  It makes my maximalist, collector heart so happy to have a whole wall of stuff!

How to Put Together a Vintage Spice Rack Gallery Wall

First of all, gather a bunch of spice racks.  Obviously.    Where does one find vintage spice racks?  I have found all of mine for just a few dollars at the thrift store, estate sales and the flea market in the last several months.  So this collection didn't take me very long to put together.  I always gravitate toward anything vintage for my own home and for my antique booths.  I originally bought these for my booths, but decided to keep them in my personal collection.

Vintage Spice Rack Gallery Wall in craft room.

Spice racks are usually pretty greasy and dirty since they have been in kitchens holding . . . wait for it . . . spices.  I clean them with multi purpose cleaner and wipe them with a damp cloth.  If the finish on the racks isn't what you like, you can wipe them with a wood restorer like this.  It does exactly what it says, restores color and blends scratches on wood finishes.  

Vintage Spice Rack Gallery Wall Above a desk.

When doing a gallery wall, you can plan and measure where you will put all the things on your wall.  Or you can do like I do and just wing it.  That's always the method I do, even though it doesn't always work out and drives my hubs crazy.  Whatevs.  

2 tier spice racks in gallery wall.

How to Hang Vintage Wooden Spice Racks  

I started by hanging the black one, directly above my computer monitor.  It had already had hanging hardware, but if yours doesn't, just attach some like this.  I held the rack on the wall, using a small tool to make sure it was level. I marked where the hangers were with a pencil, then went back in and put small screws where the hangers were.  Then I stuck that puppy on the wall.   

Vintage Spice Rack Gallery Wall.

I hung the rest of the spice racks around the black one, using the same hanging method.  Don't measure, hold the spice rack up, mark the hangers, tap in nails or screws, tap in another nail hole when it doesn't hang level the first time and hang the rack.  

Vintage Spice Rack Gallery Wall.

I repeated until all of the racks were hanging on the wall.  I had to adjust a few of them to make the collection look visually appealing.  I could have avoided that if I had laid out the racks before hand and planned where to hang them all.  I will probably never learn my lesson, so you choose whichever method you'd like to use.  

Vintage scrabble letter tiles on spice rack.

What to Display on Vintage Spice Racks

The spice racks have little tiny shelves and make the perfect place to display little tiny things.  

What to display on vintage wood spice racks.

What to display on vintage wood spice racks.

A Vintage Spice Rack Gallery Wall is a fun way to display a collection of spice racks and collections of small things.  I keep finding myself wandering in my craft room and staring at all of the fun things displayed.  

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