How to Recover a Lampshade with Fabric

Do you have a lampshade that is stained or outdated?  I have a fix for you.  You can Recover a Lampshade With Fabric and give a new life to your lamp!  

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The shade for your lamps is one of those things you don't think too often about until you need a new one.  Lampshades are rather fragile so they can be misshapen and stained pretty easily.  I don't know if you've priced them lately, but lampshades are kind of expensive.  But have no fear, they can be recovered pretty easily with fabric.  

How to Recover a Lampshade with Fabric

I also love to find lamps at the thrift store, but the lampshades are usually in pretty rough shape.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, so I figured out a way to recover them.  

Supplies needed to recover a lampshade with fabric.

Supplies needed to recover a lampshade with fabric

Use a glue gun to adhere fabric to a lampshade with pleats.

Lay fabric on top of lampshade and dab a bit of hot glue onto the top and the bottom.  When using white fabric, be careful about putting glue in the center of the lampshade because the shadow of glue will show when the lamp is turned on.   

Make a small pleat aka fold and glue it down at the top and bottom.  Repeat until the fabric is adhered all the way around the lampshade.  

How to make fabric pleats on a lampshade.

Fold the fabric over the top and the bottom of the edges and glue it down on the inside of the lampshade.  Try to be very careful and neat as you attach the fabric on the inside because any messiness and extra fabric will show when the lamp is on.

Pleated fabric lampshade DIY.

Trim away excess fabric on the lampshade and place it on your lamp.  Stand back and admire your beautiful newly refinished lampshade.  

Lampshade recovered with buffalo check fabric.

You can use any fabric to recover a lampshade.  A thinner fabric is a little bit easier to pleat and glue onto a shade.  It is also more permeable for the lamp light.

Buffalo Check Fabric covered lamp shade.

A cute little lamp with a recovered lampshade makes such a charming addition to a living room.

Lamp lit with recovered fabric lampshade.

Now that you know how to recover a lampshade, you are going to be on the look out for lamps and lamp shades at the thrift store.  Because you now know How to Recover a Lampshade with Fabric.