Easy, Thrifted Halloween Table Centerpieces

Do you need an idea for table centerpieces for a Halloween party?  Do you need a bunch of them and don't want to break the bank?  You've come to the right place.  This is an idea for Easy, Thrifted Halloween Table Centerpieces.  

Easy, Thrifted Halloween Table Centerpieces pinterest pin.

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We are getting so close to Halloween.  There are LOTS of activities happening between now and next Tuesday.  Maybe you're like me, in charge of a big Halloween party for your church.  And maybe like me, you need to decorate a large gym on a teeny tiny budget.  Said gym will have a bunch of tables for the congregation to eat at and those tables need table centerpieces.  

Well if that's the case, you are in luck.  I have an idea for table centerpieces that is easy and budget friendly.  Easy and budget friendly are the name of the game for church parties.  

Easy Table Centerpieces for church party.

How to Put Together Budget Friendly Halloween Table Centerpieces 

When I say budget friendly, usually that means using supplies you already have on hand.  Glass vases are something everyone seems to have shoved in a cupboard in your home so that is what I used for the base of my table centerpieces.

Large vintage mason jars from an estate sale.

I have a thing for vintage mason jars (probably because my oldest son is named Mason) and usually pick them up whenever I see them at estate sales or thrift stores.  So I have quite a few of them in my stash.

Glass vases from the thrift store.

But my church has 16 tables so I had to grab some more glass vases from the thrift store.  These vases are plentiful so I was able to supplement my stash with several more for just a few dollars.  If you can't find them at the thrift store, you can get some here.

Dried beans for glass jars of table centerpieces.

For vase filler, I used an easily available item - dried beans.  You may even have them in your home storage.  You can use pinto beans, black beans or orange lentils.  

Balloon Centerpieces  

Balloon Centerpieces for Halloween Tables.

For one of the centerpieces I used orange and black balloons, which are easy to find at any party, craft or grocery store.  Or online here.   I placed them on balloon sticks.  

Orange balloon with face colored on with marker.

BTW, if you do not have a balloon pump, you need one.  They are a game changer for blowing up a bunch of balloons. On one of the orange balloons, I drew a jack o' lantern face with a black sharpie.  

Tie on shreds of fabric and lace to vintage mason jars for table centerpiece.

I used a scrap of white fabric and a piece of lace as a tie on the jar.  I like to tear the fabric to make it even more rustic.  

Balloon Table Centerpiece in vintage mason jar.

That's how easy and simple it is to make a Balloon Table Centerpiece.  They are super easy to make for a bunch of tables.

Twig and Bats Table Centerpiece

I prepared the jars the same as I did for the balloon centerpieces.  I used a vintage mason jar with dried beans and scraps of fabric tied around the top.

Twigs cut from tree branches.

I cut a bunch of branches off the tree in my front yard.  I trimmed the small pieces off the bottom of the branches so they would fit into the mason jar better.  

Bats cut from black cardstock.

I cut a bunch of bats out of black cardstock with my Silhouette Cameo.  I found the bat in the Silhouette Studio.  I resized it smaller to make little bats.

Bats hot glued onto branches for Halloween table centerpiece.

I hot glued the bats to various places on the branches.  I like how they look like they are sitting on the branches.  

Bats hot glued onto branches for Halloween table centerpieces.

I placed the bat branches into the mason jars with the beans and fabric ties.  They are very simple but striking, especially when in a large group.

Table Centerpieces for Halloween.

That's how simple it is to put together a bunch of Easy, Thrifted Halloween Table Centerpieces.  Now if you go to my church or attend the party on Saturday, try to pretend you didn't already see these, mmmkay?