Good Things Jar - memory collection for 2024

 Are you looking for a way to collect memories in 2024?  Make a Good Things Jar.

Good Things Jar memory collection for 2024 pinterest pin.

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Happy New Year!  One of the things I enjoy this time of year is setting goals.  I used to set the normal kind of goals or resolutions of losing weight or eating better, and then would beat myself up for breaking those resolutions. Several years ago I decided to make internal goals, instead of physical goals.  And I call them goals not resolutions.  One of my yearly goals usually involves my mindset.  

As I have been mulling this over, I decided I wanted a way to collect good memories for the year. Because without being mindful and acknowledgement, it's really easy to forget all of the good things that happen daily.  

How to Make a Good Things Jar

Making a good things jar only requires a few things:  
You can use any of these that you have on hand.  Or you can get fancy and buy new.  Whatever works for you.

Good things jar to collect good memories from the year.

I found a cute, vintage lidded jar at the thrift store for less than $2.  I also grabbed some small post it notes from my desk drawer.

Writing on a colorful post it note.

When something in our family, we write it on one of the post it notes and add it to the jar.  I keep the jar on a shelf in our dining room along with the post it pads and pens close by.  Being close and easily reachable is key in having family members participate.  

Good things jar with post it notes.

At the end of 2024, we will pull all of the papers out of the jar and read them out loud.  We will all be able to remember the good things that happened to our family for the year.  

Post its filled out with good things.

Our Good Things Jar is a way for us to collect memories and be grateful for all of our experiences in a year.  I look forward to rereading a year full of good memories.