February End of the Month Recap

It's the end of the month and time for a recap.  This is a month end rundown of blogposts, personal happenings and my favorite products of February!

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Can you believe that it is already February?  January went by SO fast!  This year I am going to do a monthly recap on my blog to try to stop the blur a little bit!  I will be recapping blog posts, my favorite things of the month and some of the things we did.  

February Recap

Driving Kia car down the road.

We spent all month waiting for our stolen car (see last month's recap) to be repaired.  At first, only the steering column needed to be fixed.  But as the mechanic got into that he found that the air bag had also been cut.  When that was fixed, he found that the wand for the windshield wipers had been cut as well.  The four drivers with busy schedules in our house spent a lot of time juggling our schedules and demands on the remaining 2 cars.  

Dog watching the Superbowl.

We had a quiet evening at home watching the Superbowl.  Lizzie especially liked the National Anthem!  

Valentines Day celebration at home.

We celebrated Valentines day with a quiet night at home!

Booth at Four Sisters Vintage and Antiques in Murfreesboro.

I did weekly updates to all 3 of my booths:  Hylabrook, Honeybee Antique Market and Four Sisters Antiques and Vintage (shown here)  I still love having these booths!  

February Favorite Products

Favorite hair products.

I am getting to the age that my hair sparkles aka gray hair, are starting to show.  I religiously color my hair but still have those pesky, weird textured hairs that poke through.  I found this hair color spray that disguises those crazy hairs!  Speaking of hair, this hair spray is my favorite!  

Wheel lock in car.

Now that we have our stolen car back, I would really like to sell it.  It has bad car juju and I don't feel comfortable with it.  But alas, being a grown up means being patient with these kinds of decisions.  So in the mean time, to prevent our car from being stolen again, I bought an old school wheel lock.  It gives me peace of mind to hope know that my car will still be where I parked it.  

Also, the car thieves had a party in our car with substances that left quite the aroma.  I hung a bunch of these charcoal bags to deodorize the car.

February Blog Posts

January was all about survival and that continued into February.  Haha.  I still didn't really execute on all of the ideas I had because of life!  I was lucky to do all of my weekly Come Follow Me printables.  I still have an editorial calendar full of blog post ideas so I am still hoping to do 2-3 blog posts a week in the upcoming months!  Fingers crossed.  

February Come Follow Me Blog Posts.

I hope you had an awesome February and if not, I hope you are looking forward to next month, like I am as I set new goals for March!  I am looking forward to St Patrick's Day, more thrifting, more doing my booths and more fun!  I'll see ya next month and we'll recap March!