Canvas Handbag Tutorial

If you're here, that means you're looking for a tutorial to create your own Canvas Handbag.  I got you!  

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As mother, a wife and a woman who likes to be prepared for anything, I find myself carrying a lot of stuff when I leave the house.  I always need my wallet, my cell phone battery, my medicine box, gum, chap, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, gum, flossers, hairbrush etc.  In addition to a book, my journal and a water bottle.  That makes for a lot of stuff to carry.  I have been looking and looking for a bag that is big enough to hold everything, but not too big to carry.  And it would be great if it was a least sort of cute.  It's a pretty tough order to fill!  That's when a DIY attitude comes in handy.

How to Make a Canvas Handbag 

Blank Canvas Bags.

I found a bunch of canvas bags at Hobby Lobby.  I sorted through them all until I found a larger tote bag and 2 smaller zippered bags.  They were very inexpensive.  Find a similar tote bag here and zipper pouches here

Checkerboard bandana to make a personalized canvas handbag.

I also picked up a checkerboard bandana.  Find a similar bandana here.

Sewn checkered bandana to canvas bag.

I cut the bandana to about 4 inches wide, folded the cut end over and ironed it.  Then I pinned it to the canvas bag and sewed around the edges on my sewing machine.  If you don't have a sewing machine, you can use Heat and Bond to iron the bandana to the canvas bag.

Checkered canvas bag.

I was careful to sew the bandana to the bag without sewing the inside pockets closed and to keep the handles out of the way.  Once I trimmed all of the stray threads away, the bag was good to go.  Good-to-go means ready to be filled up with all of my stuff!  

How to Make Customized Zipper Pouches

I love the inside pockets on the tote, but still wanted to further organize my important supplies. So that is where the zippered pouches come in.

Yeehaw patch ironed on to canvas pouch.

Near the canvas bags I found a bunch of patches.  As I looked through all of them, I found one that said Yee Haw, which is something I say all of the time when I'm excited about something.  I followed the instructions included with the patch and ironed it to the zippered pouch.  (I couldn't find the exact patch online, but here is something similar.)

Yee haw zippered pouch for a handbag.

I filled my cute little pouch up with my medicine box, my ear buds and my gum.  A bunch of essential things that I cannot leave the house without.

Medium size zippered pouch to organize handbag.

I couldn't decide what to put on the medium zipper pouch, so I left it plain with just the black bottom it came with.  I think I'll keep an eye out for other patches to sew onto the bags.  Inside the pouch I carry a bunch of essential items, including a rechargeable battery.  

Inside view of canvas handbag and zipper bags.

The inside of the handbag has 6 pockets that were pre-sewn.  I can carry my water bottle, my candy and a few pens and various other items.

Canvas handbag with custom checker stripe.

I love the way the bag turned out!  It's simple but also customized to me with a little stripe of checkered fabric.  Since I sewed the fabric, I can pop this bag in the wash if necessary.

Canvas handbag with custom checker stripe.

Checkerboard is my jam lately so this bag is perfect.  And when I get tired of it, I can seam rip it off and do something else, or leave the bag without adornment.  

Dog checking out canvas handbag with custom checker stripe.

Lizzie likes the bag too.  She'd like it even more if it had some dog cookies in it.  She is such a good project assistant!

Woman holding canvas handbag with checkered stripe.

I am pleased with my new Canvas Handbag and the inside canvas bags.  I'm ready to leave the house and go do some shopping!