Friday, January 18, 2013

Polka Dot Canvas Bag

At the start of the year, I needed a new bag to haul all my stuff to church! After searching around for a while and not finding what I wanted, I did what I always do- made my own. 

Ok, well I didn't exactly make my own, but I did foof up a purchased bag.

I got this big plain canvas bag from Hobby Lobby.  It was only $4.99 and I used my 40% off coupon to make it super inexpensive!!

I used fabric paint and a circular sponge brush

to add polka dots to the pockets of the bag.  (I put some paper in the pockets just in case the paint bled through)

I glued some ric rac to the edges of the pockets.

Then I tied on some ribbon and pinned on a little flower made from some fabric scraps.

Now I have a big bag to hold all of my church stuff!!

It holds so much stuff I'm going to have to start lifting weights to carry it when it's full!!


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William Winston said...

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