Friday, January 8, 2016

winter mantel

We're off to a fresh start of 2016!


The new year finally brought cold temperatures to TN.

(It was 75 degrees on Christmas day- not very Christmasy!!)

So now that it feels wintery, even if we have no snow, I decorated my mantel for Winter!



Here is my winter mantel.
It all started when I couldn't bear to put away my DIY snowglobes.
These were in my Christmas decor in the living room.
Those little golden deer are just precious.


I also couldn't part with this glittery garland from my Christmas mantel.
So I decided to keep it for my winter mantel.
I just love it!!
I added the famous wooden skis from Target.
I kept the black and white stripe art and tobacco stick star, also from my Christmas mantel.
I added some little, battery operated tea lights on the side.
On the other side is a fuzzy snowflake, hanging from a chalkboard.
Do you decorate your house for winter?




  1. I do... a little. We have a woodstove, but I have always wanted a mantel, so my hubby made a wooden shelf that hangs behind the woodstove and I decorate it every month.

    1. How fun! I love that your hubby made the mantel for you and that you have a fun place to decorate! Thanks for stopping by my blog! xo

  2. Stopping in from Talented Tuesday and I love your mantel!! So cute with the snow in the different glass clever!! Enjoy the cozy feel it brings to your home!!

    1. Thanks so much Dawna! I hope you have a great day!


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