End of year

It's the end of the school year. My kids' last full day of school is tomorrow and we have our teacher gifts all ready to go. I bought these inexpensive jars at Wal-mart. Using vinyl, I die cut the teacher names for the jars. Then filled them with kisses, a bookmark (made by my kids) and a giftcard. I wrapped them all up in cellophane and tied them each with a ribbon. I will also write a note to each teacher to thank them for their hard work all year.

The kids have tshirts to wear for their last day. A will be going into 2nd grade so hers says "2nd grade here I come" with a 2 circle on the from. The shirt for M, who will be in 3rd grade, is designed the same way but in blue with a 3. The instructions and idea are from this blog.

For Addi's dance teachers, we filled a water bottle with kisses. Then die cut their initials with a circle to put on the front.

Easy peasy fun little things to celebrate the end of the year! Bring on summer!