Yard Sales

Oh how I love yard sales, flea markets and second hand stores. You know the saying- someone else's trash is your treasure. I definitely feel that way. I love the thrill of the hunt- the not knowing what you'll find until you get there. I love incorporating fun 'treasures' into my home decor. Browsing internet land, I found quite a few fun pictures, decorating with yard sale/flea market finds. (top 3 pictures are from BHG)

I love this crusty old cupboard turned on it's side to make a fun book shelf.

This old garden gate utensil holder/towel rack is great. I am filing this idea away for when I someday have a bigger kitchen.

This old window was turned into a shadow box. So cute!

This hutch is one of my favorite yard sale finds. It had a yellow crackle finish when I bought it for $30!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't load it in the car fast enough. I took the doors off and painted it all black. I love it to display my white dishes and to store craft supplies for my kiddos.
I haven't done much yard saleing (yes, I just made that word up) this year. But I am hoping to get out there now that soccer season is over.