Monday, June 8, 2009


I was able to get out on Saturday and hit a few yard sales. It was so much fun. Of course it would have been more fun with a friend. Anyone want to go next weekend?

This cute, wooden "C" to go in my collection in my scrapbook room-$.25

This white lamp $2 -it will be painted and probably go in my living room

This cloche thing $1. I will paint the bottom.

I got this great Baby Trend jogging stoller for $7. I almost grabbed it and ran. What a score. The tired needed air (which the man at the sale put in for me) and it was dirty. After a shot with the hose, it's perfect. Yay!
I will be rehabbing the decorative pieces soon. Watch for the post to come.


  1. Umm...AWESOME stroller! I can't believe they were selling it for so cheap! They could've gotten decent money for that on craigslist. Suckers! You're so good.

  2. let me know the next time you go & I will gladly go with you when I can! :) very cute blog!


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