Letters and words

I am drawn to typography. Letters and words make a graphic statement in decorating. All around my house I have vinyl words and quotes. And I have letters on display everywhere. I collect S for my last name and C for my first name. Here are some of the ways I have displayed my letter love.

This one is in the downstairs bathroom. Hopefully it helps remind my kids to wash their hands.

These are some of my collection of C's. They are displayed in my scrapbook room.

I saw this quote somewhere and had to have it. It is above my sink in the bathroom. It makes me smile almost every day.

This one is above the laundry doors.

This is one of my favorites. It's on the wall in the stairs. Hopefully it is a good reminder for everyone.

This quote is obviously in the kitchen, hanging above an old cash register drawer that holds pictures of friends and family.

This is my most favorite quote of all. Such a good reminder of how important our homes are. I love it! It is also by my favorite S, the red one, given to me by my friend Sandy.
There are tons of people on Etsy that do vinyl quotes. Here are a couple other ones: EAD Designs, Vinyl Touches I was lucky enough to have a friend make some mine for me. I also purchased some from the Quilted Bear in Utah. (when is it going to come to TN?) Most of the letters were purchased at the craft store and painted/distressed. Easy and inexpesive...my favorite kind of decorating. :)