Independance Day

As far as I'm concerned, any holiday is an excuse to do some decorating. Indepedance day snuck up on me and I only just now got my red, white and blue items out to display. Might have to keep them up for a few weeks. We celebrate the entire month, right?

Let's start of with a little flag love on the kitchen window sill. Please ignore the ice cream scoop. That is pretty much it's permanent spot since my dh has ice cream each night before bed and just rinses the scoop off.

Moving into the dining area.

This blurry shot is of the flag holder thingy in the living room.

This fabric star is on the shelf right inside our front door.

I got these felt stars in a package from Joann. I just stiched some of the corners together to make a little mat for the plant on the kitchen table.

Even the outside got in on the decorating action. This flag is in the front garden. Ok it's the only garden.

And the front door- with a star bought today from BlackLion. I tied a few ribbons around the top.
I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!