I have loved old, worn things for as long as I can remember. My mom and I used to go to a store called "Finders Keepers" that we literally had to dig through to find stuff. It was awesome! I remember finding a ratty old suitcase there that the owner wanted to throw away, but I rescued. Sadly it died when we moved to Nashville, but I have many collections of other vintage things.
The wagon above came from a yard sale.

A collection of milk cooler boxes

Vintage suitcases (that did survive our move) that store candles, picture frames and all sorts of decorating accessories that I rotate through.

A large, shabby vase thing.

A little vignette of a shelf made with vintage door handles, windows from my mom's old house and some spools.
In my blog hopping, I just found one called Vintage Junky . Michelle just re did her craft space and I am ready to move in. She reuses many vintage finds in funky new ways. Just look at that organizer.

Right now she is doing a giveaway of a vintage scale. I would really like it, so if you go check out her blog, don't enter to win. K, thanks!