We gave thanks

We had a fab thanksgiving. Just our little family and some really good friends of ours.

My 7yr old daughter made these cute signs all by herself.

She decorated the house with them. I love it and have yet to take them down even though all of our Christmas stuff is up now (post to come on that)
I am so thankfulfor:

  • my oh-so-patient husband
  • 3 wonderful, crazy busy kids
  • great friends who keep me sane
  • my mom who always listens and encourages me
  • my testimony of the Gospel
  • Chris's job
  • the GREAT health we have had this year
  • the dvr - I swear it has changed my life
  • magazines and books that always inspire and entertain
  • the internet
  • my iphone

I'm also thankful to have this blog and the opportunity to trade ideas. Don't forget to check back in 2 days for the 12 days of Christmas ideas.