Christmas Cards

I love handmade Christmas cards! And even though it can be pricey, I love to make mine. I start the planning in Sept or October so I can order paper and /or stamps from my Stampin Up lady. This year I ordered this Top Note die for my Sizzix:

Here is my process for making Christmas cards:

  • after coming up with an idea, order or purchase supplies

  • decide that none of the stuff you bought is going to work and go buy more

  • get a family picture taken (using lots of bribes and threats of bodily harm to keep everyone smiling a decent smile)

  • come up with an example of the card you want to make

  • decide you still don't have everything you need and make an emergency trip to the craft store

  • assemble all your supplies

  • cut everything out all at once- My cards are 4 x 8 inches. So using a 12 x 12 piece of paper, I got 4 cards from each piece. I cut patterned paper into 1 x 8 inch strips. And using my Sizzix, I die cut the Top Note shape for my cards. I cut enough of all of the papers to make 60 cards. I also cut the ribbon into 8 inch strips.

  • the assembly- First I adhered the patterned paper to the bottom, then the ribbon over that. After making slits in the Top Note die for each corner of the picture, I adhered that. Then I stamped the message, and added 3 punched snowflakes.

And here is the final product. Please act surprised if you get one in the mail. :)