1st day of Christmas ideas-flower pins

OK, we're off and running on this first day of Christmas ideas. Today's project is the flower pin. I have seen many different versions of this pin and I love them all. But my version is what I'll be showing today.

As always, the first step is gather supplies
  • die cut machine with flower die. A flower template to trace would work too, it would just take a little longer as you would have to hand cut each flower individually
  • fabric. I use various scrap fabrics
  • felt. This adds a little stability to flower layers.
  • tulle
  • button
  • pin blank

Here is my stack of die cut flowers.

I used two different scraps of black and white fabric, black and white sparkly felt, and black tulle.

I just stacked them on top of each other.

And added a white button on top.

I am lazy and like to use hot glue. I glue each layer individually. You could also sew through all the layers to hold them together.

Glue a pin with the flat top on the back of the flowers.

And here it is.

Here are some other pins I have made. The light pink and white one with a black and white button in the center is made using circles instead of flowers.
If you are interested in making some pins and don't have the equiptment to cut the flowers, contact me and I'll help you with that.
Thanks for stopping by on the 1st day of Christmas projects. Please come back tomorrow for more.